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Exercise Is Health

Jul 19, 2023

Have you heard that walking is the best form of exercise?

While we adamantly disagree with this statement, we do acknowledge that walking can provide a number of health benefits.

But what if walking just isn't working for your body?

What if every time you try to walk, your body feels worse?

Your feet hurt... your knees hurt... your hips hurt... your back hurts... you just feel lousy... what do you do then??

Should you just skip out on walking altogether? Or are there specific things you can do to build the function of your body to be able to start walking again?

On this week's episode of the Exercise Is Health® podcast, that is exactly what Julie and Charlie are diving into.

If you find going for walks to do more harm than good, listen up! You will leave this episode knowing exactly what to focus on with your workouts to help your body out.

Check out all of the details in this week's episode!

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