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Exercise Is Health

Sep 13, 2023

What aspects of your fitness do you take into consideration throughout your day?

Perhaps you notice how out of breath or not you get.

Or maybe you are aware of how easily you can move your body.

Or your strength might be the thing that is most apparent to you as you do your daily activities.

But, there is one aspect of your fitness that you are likely not considering, and by overlooking this, you may be sacrificing everything else that you are aware of.

On this week’s episode of the Exercise Is Health® podcast, Julie and Charlie are diving into what this aspect of your fitness is.

They discuss why you need to be paying attention to it and lay out exactly what steps you need to take to make sure you are building this aspect of your fitness without sacrificing your health or your ability to enjoy all of the other activities you like doing.

Check out all of the details in this week’s episode!

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