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Exercise Is Health

Oct 11, 2023

Is joint pain keeping you from working out?

Maybe your knee hurts and is stopping you from exercising. Or perhaps your shoulder is aching and saying you should take it easy.

Oftentimes, we see that if there is an ache or pain in one area of the body, it prevents people from doing exercise for the entire rest of their body.

But is taking time off really the best solution?

If you have followed our content for any length of time, you have likely heard us say, “You only get the health benefits of exercise if you do the exercise, and you are only able to keep getting the benefits if you keep exercising.”

So how can you workout even when your joints are aching and painful to not only make sure you stay healthy and strong, but also make sure your workouts don’t make your joint issues worse?

On this week’s episode of the Exercise Is Health® podcast, that is exactly what we are diving into.

If you have ever felt compelled to take time off from working out because of how an area of your body is feeling, this episode is for you!

We lay out the exact steps to follow to make sure you are able to continue to stay strong and healthy without flaring up the areas that are hurting.

Check out the details in this week’s episode! 

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