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Exercise Is Health

Jan 8, 2020

This week on the Exercise Is Health podcast, Julie and Charlie discuss three things that you can do between your workouts to make sure your body is ready to hit the gym again.  Helping your body get prepared for your workout is one of the keys to ensuring that you can exercise for life and glean all of the health benefits from exercising.  Check out the details in this week's episode!

As a bonus this week, Julie and Charlie also sat down with Jenny Abrams of Abrams Home Solutions to discuss things that you can do to organize your pantry in order to help make eating healthier an easier option for you.  Jenny shares her top steps to keep your pantry tidy and get the junk food out of there.  Check her out online here, and be sure to download her free "Get Organized In 2020 Today" ebook to get a written copy of her pantry organizing tips as well!

Links that were referenced in today's episode can be found below: