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Exercise Is Health

Jan 24, 2018

This week on the Exercise Is Health podcast, Julie and Charlie are answering listener-submitted questions!  This is the first Q&A episode for the podcast, and the Muscle Activation Schaumburg team will be discussing topics such as:

  • How can we explain what MAT® is in simple terms?
  • What workout advice do you have for people over 60?
  • How many days each week should I be working out?

Make sure to check out and download our free ebook, "5 Simple Steps To Create Lifelong Health Through Exercise" (discussed in this week's episode).  Also, take a look at this blog post for some of the references discussed in this episode regarding exercise and disease prevention as well as this post for references discussing exercise and brain health.

If you would like Julie and Charlie to answer an exercise question you have, submit it via email to and listen for it in next month's Q&A episode!