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Exercise Is Health

Jan 31, 2018

This week on the Exercise Is Health podcast we have a rockstart guest on our show - Dr. Jeremy Barone of Barone Spinal Care and Performance in Schaumburg, IL.  Dr. Barone is a NUCCA chiropractor and avid proponent of health and wellbeing.  We discuss exactly what differentiates NUCCA chiropractic care from other types of chiropractic care, what the proposed mechanisms of improvement for the technique are, and how NUCCA chiropractic care fits into a person's desire to improve their overall health and function.  Other topics of discussion include:

  • What is unique about the upper cervical spine
  • Why it is vital to have the upper cervical spine aligned
  • The many systems within your body that can be negatively affected if your upper cervical spine is out of alignment
  • What some signs and symptoms may be to tell if you are out of alignment
  • What the four pillars of health are and how exercise and chiropractic care fit into those four pillars

Be sure to check out Dr. Barone online at as well as on Facebook here.  And if you haven't already, subscribe to our podcast on whatever platform you listen to us so you can receive all of our episodes as soon as they are released each week.