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Exercise Is Health

Jan 17, 2018

Welcome back to the Exercise Is Health podcast your hosts, Julie and Charlie of Muscle Activation Schaumburg, are discussing exercise, health, and the interconnectedness of the two.  This week, we are talking about a topic that is one of our specialities at Muscle Activation Schaumburg - Muscle Activation Techniques®.  What is MAT®?  Why is it important?  How can it help you reach your health and fitness goals?  All of this and more will be discussed in this week's episode.  If you enjoy this episode, please make sure to subscribe to our podcast so you can hear all of our content that is released every week.  To find out more about MAT®, click here.  To see more of our MAT®-related content, click here.  You can find a speicalist in your area here, too!

Main points from this week's show:

  • MAT® is a systematic approach to assessing and addressing dysfunction of the muscular system.
  • MAT® is utilized by people wanting to be more active in their life, people wanting to get back to exercising regularly, people who want to continue to exercise, as well as high-level athletes.
  • The goal of MAT® is to help the muscular system contract on demand, resulting in increased strength and often improvements in joint motion.
  • MAT® is analogous to getting your car tuned up - this is like a tune-up for your muscles.