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Exercise Is Health

Apr 21, 2021

This week on the Exercise Is Health podcast, Julie and Charlie sit down with Jenn Malecha, who specializes in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition and Transformational Coaching, to discuss fatigue, weight gain, and the connection between the thyroid, gut, liver, and HPA axis. If you are constantly feeling like you are in a fog or are unable to drop weight no matter what diet you try, then listen up! Jenn provides valuable insight into what is often missed by the mainstream approaches to increasing energy and losing weight. Check out all of the details in this week's episode!

If you would like to connect with Jenn, be sure to reach out through her website and follow her on Instagram!

This week's episode of the Exercise Is Health podcast is brought to you by the One Workout Away Challenge. This 28-day challenge is destined to teach you how you are just one workout away from feeling stronger, living healthier, and functioning better. To learn more and sign up for the next one starting May 2, head to